What is The Bradshaw Foundation?

Brandon Bradshaw was an amazing individual. He was a Husband, Father, Son, Friend, and mentor. Brandon’s true love was children and theater. He worked for THE SKYPAC (The Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center) His dream Job. When Brandon Started doing theater the stress on the family budget was a real problem for the Bradshaw Family. Having to pay all the fee’s and the cost of the performances were always hard to come up with for a large family. There were people that gave scholarships that always helped Brandon be able to be in all the plays that he wanted to be in. After Brandon’s death God put it on my heart to help kids that can not afford to participate in extra curricular activities. This program is a pay it forward program. People who love kids and have the means help kids that can’t afford to participate in the arts. It’s just that simple. The plan is to start with public youth theater and then as funding is available help kids in youth sports as well. If you would like to sponsor a child it’s easy. Send your donation to The Bradshaw Foundation 171 Clifford way Bowling Green Ky. Or you can paypal @ donate@thebradshawfoundation.org. All money will go to the children by way of scholarships. We are a 501c3 incorporation so your donations are tax deductible.

Thank You

Troy Bradshaw

If you pay using this Donate button please ad an extra $5.00 to cover the PayPal fee’s. If you can’t that’s still ok. We just want as much as possible to go to the kids. Thanks

6 Responses to What is The Bradshaw Foundation?

  1. Andrew Mooney says:

    It is an honor to get to help and share in this part
    Of Brandon’s dream. Thanks for giving me the Opportunity.

  2. Pastor Dan Ademola says:

    I will be praying Day and Night for the Progress and Success of The Bradshaw Foundation. And I promised to encourage all the Children in Africa to love Arts. May God help us and bless The Bradshaw Foundation, Amen.
    I am: Pastor Dan Ademola
    TBF Africa Representative.

  3. Tiffany_Kidd says:

    I miss Brandon dearly. All of us do. The Bradshaw Foundation is such a tremendous thing do to in memory of Brandon. Brandon would love it, and I know he does! He loved children so much, and with this organization helping children out to embrace the arts, it probably tickles him pink!

    Tiffany Kidd

  4. sherry ogbudike says:

    well this is such an important cause with budget cuts as it is in schools today this is so important for these children maybe their only source to be creative …keep up the good work……..

  5. Nancy Burke says:

    What a wonderful thing to do in His memory! The gift that keeps on giving LOVE…..

  6. Missing Brandon every day. I just had to find a way to be a charter member. Thank you.

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